Pyra was born in a far off land where poverty and bandit raids are commonplace. Much of her childhood was spent avoiding unsavory types as she traveled on the road with her parents, who made a living as oddity merchants. Unfortunately, they both died from disease while she was still very young.

A resourceful youth, Pyra survived in her harsh environment. Eventually, she met her friend Garin and, hoping to leave their past behind, they stowed away on the first ship they could find that was leaving the country.


  1. On our way to Wesgrove, Pyra saved Newt and I from a band of orcs. The two of us would certainly be dead on the side of the road if she wasn't so sharp-eyed.
  2. Pyra's concern for the child and her instinct to save her stuck with me, and were admirable. That was an extension of her attitudes toward the townsfolk who were hurt when their militia members died. I'd say that she's compassionate.